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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
(وَمَا أَرْسَلْنَاكَ إِلَّا رَحْمَةً لِّلْعَالَمِينَ)

Mercy to Mankind Project
Executive Summary Our Structure Plans

The Life of Mohamed (PBUH)
Table of Contents
1. An Outline of the History of the Semites
2. Mecca and the Kaaba
3. Abdul-Muttalib
Chapter One
1.1 On the Eve of Islam
Chapter Two
2.1 Abdullah, the Prophet's Father
2.2 The Year of the Elephant
2.3 Birth of Mohamed
2.4 The Wet-nurses
2.5 Mohamed in the Desert
2.6 Return to Mecca
2.7 Under Abu Talib's Care
2.8 Journey to Ash-Sham (Syria and Palestine)
Chapter Three
3.1 Life with his Uncle
3.2 The Covenant of Redress (Al-Fudul)
3.3 The Life of Mecca
3.4 Trade for Khadija
3.5 Marriage to Khadija
Chapter Four
4.1 Married Life
4.2 Social Life
4.3 Desires for Seclusion
4.4 The Revelation of the Koran
4.5 More About the Koran
4.6 Return to Khadija
4.7 Waraqa ibn Nawfal
Chapter Five
5.1 Religion in Mecca before Islam
5.2 The Communications Cease and Commence Again
5.3 Ali and Zayd
5.4 Ali ibn Abi Talib Enters into Islam
5.5 Abu Bakr Enters Islam
5.6 The Nobles and the Common People of Mecca
5.7 New Precepts
5.8 Stumbling Blocks
Chapter Six
6.1 Proclaiming Religion to Kin
6.2 Hamza Enters Islam
6.3 Calling Quraysh to Allah
6.4 Hostility of Meccan Nobles
6.5 Arguments and Objections
6.6 The Challenge
Chapter Seven
7.1 Mohamed Attacks Idols
7.2 The Blind Man
7.3 The Struggle Continues
7.4 Mohamed Claims Redress from Abu Jahl
7.5 Quraysh go to Abu Talib a Third Time
7.6 Quraysh Persecute Muslims
7.7 The Overt and Covert of the Human Heart
7.8 Persecution of Muslims Continues
7.9 Utba ibn Rabiaa is sent to Mohamed
7.10 Emigration to Abyssinia
7.11 Umar ibn al-Khattab Enters into Islam
Chapter Eight
8.1 Calling All Arabs to Islam, Quraysh’s Reaction
8.2 Al-Tufayl al-Dawsi
8.3 The Three Questions
Chapter Nine
9.1. Qurayshi Greats listen to the Koran
9.2 The Jealousy of Peers
9.3 Reasoning of Quraysh's Leaders
9.4 The Choice of a Prophet
Chapter Ten
10.1 The Boycott
10.2 Breaking the Covenant
10.3 Quraysh meet the Messenger at Abu Talib's
10.4 Abu Talib on His Deathbed
10.5 Khadija Passes Away
10.6 Mohamed Goes to Al-Taaif
10.7 The Celestial Journey
10.8 The Gift Descended to Man
Chapter Eleven
11.1 The Dawn from Yathrib (Medina)
11.2 The First Oath of Al-Aqaba
11.3 The Second Oath of Al-Aqaba
Chapter Twelve
12.1 The New Horizon
12.2 The Qurayshi Plot
12.3 Mohamed Escapes
12.4 The Long Journey to Yathrib
12.5 Suraqa ibn Jusham
12.6 Umm Mabad
12.7 The Miracle of the Koran
Chapter Thirteen
13.1 Islam in Yathrib
13.2 Amr ibn al-Jumah
Chapter Fourteen
14.1 Reception of the Prophet in Yathrib
14.2 Mohamed's Indifference to Luxury
14.3 Life in Medina
14.4 The Covenant of Brotherhood
14.5 Solidarity through Intermarriages
14.6 The Men around the Messenger
Chapter Fifteen
15.1 Relationship with the Jews
15.2 Jewish Plots
15.3 The New Orientation
15.4 Jewish Reaction
15.5 The Meeting of the Three Religions
Chapter Sixteen
16.1 Permission to Fight Back
16.2 Abdullah ibn Jahsh's Raid and the Decision of Allah
16.3 Qurayshi Caravan
16.4 Quraysh Go out to War
16.5 The Messenger Consults His Men
16.6 Abu Jahl Stirs the Tribes
16.7 The Battle of Badr
16.8 The Holy Verses Concerning this Battle
Chapter Seventeen
17.1 News Reaches Medina
17.2 On Entering Medina
17.3 Abu Bakr and Umar
17.4 The Captives
17.5 The News Reaches Mecca
17.6 Quraysh Pay the Ransom
17.7 Abu-As
17.8 People Who Do Not Know
Chapter Eighteen
18.1 Alcohol
18.2 Women in Islam
18.3 Slaves in Islam
18.4 Orphans in Islam
18.5 Freedoms and Obligations
18.6 The Influence of Mohamed
Chapter Nineteen
19.1 Banu Qaynuqa
19.2 Abu Sufyan Skirmishes the Outskirts
19.3 Quraysh's Trade Problem
Chapter Twenty
20.1 Learning the Precepts of the Koran
20.2 Example of the Prophet
20.3 Ali's Wisdom
Chapter Twenty-One
21.1 Quraysh Prepares an Army
21.2 Muslims Debate Manner of Defense
21.3 Abdullah ibn Ubayy ibn Salul Deserts
21.4 Battle of Uhud
21.5 Victory then Defeat
21.6 The Lesson
21.7 Quraysh Mutilate the Dead
21.8 Error and Forgiveness
21.9 Pursuing the Enemy
21.10 Banu Lihyan
21.11 The Three Martyrs
Chapter Twenty-Two
22.1 Banu Nadir's Plot
22.2 Going out to Meet Quraysh
22.3 Return to Badr
22.4 The Greater Struggle (with the Soul)
Chapter Twenty-Three
23.1 The Jews Conspire with Polytheist Tribes
23.2 The Tribes Prepare for War
23.3 Digging the Trench
23.4 The Women and Children
23.5 Huyayy Persuades Banu Qurayza
23.6 Moment of Trial
23.7 Nuaym's Plot
23.8 The Storm
23.9 Siege of Banu Qurayza
23.10 Arbitration in the Case of Banu Qurayza
Chapter Twenty-Four
24.1 Banu al-Mustaliq
24.2 Abdullah ibn Ubayy ibn Salul
24.3 Father and Son
24.4 The Slander
24.5 The Case of Tuma
Chapter Twenty-Five
25.1 Mohamed as a Worshipper
25.2 Some Prayers of the Messenger
25.3 Fasting
Chapter Twenty-Six
26.1 Words of the Prophet
26.2 Visit to the Ancient House
26.3 Emissaries
26.4 Urwa ibn Masud as Emissary
26.5 The Mission of Uthman
26.6 Treaty of Al-Hudaybiya
26.7 Rites of Pilgrimage on that Occasion
26.8 The Breakthrough
Chapter Twenty-Seven
27.1 Islam after Twenty Years
27.2 Proclaiming Islam to the Rulers of the Words:
          the Magus, Cyrus, Hercules, Chosroes
27.3 Jewish State within State
27.4 The End of Jewish Power in the Peninsula
Chapter Twenty-Eight
28.1 The Pilgrimage
28.2 Khalid ibn Al-Walid
Chapter Twenty-Nine
29.1 The Battle of Muta
29.2 Mohamed Visits Jafar's Family
29.3 Quraysh Revoke the Treaty
29.4 Abu Sufyan as Emissary
29.5 The March Towards Mecca
29.6 The Conquest of Mecca
29.7 The General Pardon, the Trust, More on Pardon
Chapter Thirty
30.1 The Battle of Hunayn
30.2 The Change of Tide
30.3 The Siege of Al-Taif
30.4 Hawazin Asks for Booty Back
30.5 The Distribution of the Booty
Chapter Thirty-One
31.1 The Wives of the Prophet
31.2 The Lady Khadija
31.3 The Lady Aisha and Sawda
31.4 Umm Habiba (Abu Sufyan's Daughter)
31.5 Umar's Daughter, Hafsa
31.6 Umm Salama and the Orphans
31.7 Zaynab and Islamic Legislation
31.8 The Prophet's Insight into Character
31.9 Banu al-Mustaliq
31.10 Safiyya
31.11 Maria
31.12 The Effect of the Prophet's Marriages on Muslim Thought
Chapter Thirty-Two
32.1 Mohamed's Tribulations
32.2 The Death of Abraham
32.3 Qurayshi Spite
Chapter Thirty-Three
33.1 Tribes Pay Alms Money
33.2 Preparations for the Roman Invasion
33.3 Those Who Stayed Behind
33.4 Mohamed Marches Out
33.5 Border Treaties
33.6 The Hypocrites' Mosque
Chapter Thirty-Four
34.1 Urwa ibn Masud
34.2 Al-Taif Enters into Islam
34.3 The Pilgrimage and Ali's Announcement
34.4 The Messenger's Last Pilgrimage
34.5 The Rites of Pilgrimage
34.6 The Prophet's Farewell Speech
34.7 The Last Revelation
34.8 False Prophets
34.9 Preparations Against Rome
Chapter Thirty-Five
35.1 Mercy in the Koranic Sense
35.2 Kindness to Animals
35.3 Kindness to the Old and Young
35.4 Kindness to Enemies
35.5 Tolerance
Chapter Thirty-Six
36.1 Mohamed Falls Ill
36.2 The Visit to the Graves
36.3 The Last Speech
36.4 Abu Bakr Leads Prayers
36.5 Fatima, the Prophet's Daughter, Visits Him
36.6 The Writ
36.7 Disposing of Last Possessions
36.8 The Last Prayer
36.9 The Messenger Passes Away
36.10 Umar's Reaction
36.11 Abu Bakr Takes Matters into His Hands


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